Michelle Marie Angel is a teacher.  She earned her bachelor’s decree in Elementary Education at the University of Central Florida, and her Master’s Degree in Computer Science education at Nova-Southeastern University.  Michelle furthered her education at Southern Oregon University where she earned her high school education credentials.  Michelle was certified to teach in the states of Florida and Oregon.  In addition to public school teaching, Michelle has designed, produced, and presented many classes, seminars, and events in the realm of spiritual education.  She is involved in an ongoing endeavor called “The Alchemy of Light Project” which involves creating a new curriculum for Holistic Education.


Michelle Marie Angel is an author.  She published her first book in 2005, “It’s A New World After All: Poetry and Prose to Inspire A New World Vision.”  The latest edition of this book was published in 2022, as well as two additional titles: “Live Love: Master Vision and Vibration to Create A Better World,” and “Forever Free: Soul Liberation with the Holy Spirit of Truth.”  She has also written 48 “Stories for Awakened Awareness.”  Many articles that Michelle has written are available at the online magazine “Ezine.”


Michelle Marie Angel is a visionary and likes to work with group consciousness.  Michelle leads classes for Manifestation using Meditation, Intentions, and Visioning with additional special elements for conscious creation mastery.  Results are reliable!