Conscious Creators

We are  now creating a New World of conscious creators!  Each of us have been going through changes as Humanity moves past a Matrix of Victim Consciousness into the Real World of Creator Consciousness.  We are leaving the world of separation, lack, and victimhood as we take our power back by discovering our True Self and the power of our Soul-Spirit.

Many of us on the path of conscious evolution are the Paradigm Pioneers of Awakened Humanity.  We have been doing our inner work, expressing from the knowledge of Oneness in Spirit, and bringing forth the tools to help others transcend to higher states of consciousness.  The world is now full of Starseeds, Lightworkers, and Truth Warriors.  We each have our special gifts to share.  And we are still, and always, evolving along the way.

Michelle Marie Angel is helping, too.  Her books are excellent tools for those on the path to higher consciousness.  In “Live Love: Master Vision and Vibration to Create A Better World,” there is a description comparing the Old Paradigm to the New Paradigm.  She intimately shares her story of transformation and what she has learned along the way.  During times of meditation and contemplation, she has written many poems, articles, and essays that carry the high vibrational information that is transmitted to readers with open hearts.  These words are uplifting to the human consciousness and help souls to reach their own personal goals.  These messages are found in her other books that include: “Forever Free: Soul Liberation with the Holy Spirit of Truth,” and “It IS A New World After All: Poetry and Prose to Inspire A New World Vision.”

Other helpful tools include the videos that Michelle Marie has produced.  They can be viewed on her Rumble channel (Smilesoulpower) and her YouTube channel (Smile Soul Power).  One particular video that is useful in becoming a Conscious Creator is “Success Stories.”  Another video/audio book excerpt that may be help is “Transformation” from “It IS A New World After All.”

Michelle Marie is continuing to expand her work to help as many as possible during these transitional times.  Please stay tuned by visiting her websites often for more offerings such as classes, events, and more books!

Current Offerings for 2023


 “Anchoring in Your Highest Vibration”



A Spiritual Journey Discussion & Support Group

with Michelle Marie Angel

every Thursday

at The Higher Realm

4232 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34231.

Participants will share their personal experiences

along their spiritual journeys based on spiritual growth lesson

discussion from Michelle’s books:

Live Love, Forever Free,

and It IS A New World After All.

Cost: $11


“Meditation and Manifesting”

A Spirit-Aligned Intentional Imagination Manifestation Group



with Michelle Marie Angel

The Higher Realm 4232 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34231.

Using a unique process of guided manifestation techniques,

the group will join in consciousness

with the vibrational frequency of gratitude

and use imaginal images based on conscious intentions

with heart generated energy

to focus on desired manifestations.

  This process has a track record of amazing results!

Cost: $11.