Life Purpose

Everybody was born for a reason.  Each of us has a Life Purpose.  We all have soul goals to strive for in this lifetime.  We have a soul bluprint we can tap into in order to determine our soul purpose.

It is not too difficult to determine your soul goals and figure out what you are up to in life, because it comes naturally.  In any endeavor, you start where you are at.  Much was planned before birth.  So, to begin with, you reflect on your family and current life conditions.  When you connect with Spirit through meditation, contemplation, and prayer, you can ask questions and get answers from that still, small, voice within.  Our Divine connection is the best way to navigate through life.

Self-Discovery through exploration and inner inquiry help us to figure out our path in life.  We have natural interests, talents, and gifts.  By Self-Observation and tuning in to our Essence, we can receive answers and clues to our soul’s mission.  All of this happens naturally.  Even if one hasn’t identified their goals in life, we are living and progressing through life organically.  However, with a conscious focus on determining your Life Purpose, you can put the full impact of your Will Power and put the tools of Imagination and Emotion into play and live a conscious life with a clear knowledge and direction of your Life Energy.

If you want to explore and know your True Self and determine your Life Purpose, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Set aside some time each day, or as often as possible, for some quiet solitude.  Contemplate your very Self.  Feel your deepest feelings and desires.  Use a pad of paper or journal to write down your thoughts, questions, and inspired ideas.

  2. Take some action.  Do what comes natural to you that makes you feel good inside.  This is intrinsic value.  Your inner Self, your Soul-Spirit, will let you know if you are on track.  Make a note of what inspires intrinsic value for you.

  3. Make a list of your natural gifts, talents, and interests.  How much have you expressed them?  What would you like to express more of?  What makes you happy?  How are you bringing positive benefits to others?  Sharing gifts is sharing love.

  4. Think of experiences you have had in your life.  Which ones have brought you the most joy?  Which ones have elements in them that you would like to have repeated on a regular basis.  Remember your best moments repeatedly, on purpose.  This helps to fortify your subconscious mind.  It will then repeat that feeling and those types of experiences.

  5. Make a mission statement.  Play with it until it feels good.  Let it sound something like this: “I am here to bring joy to others with my art through the use of colors, happy scenes, and lovely landscapes.”  This might be a Life Purpose of one whose favorite expression is art.  Identify your favorite expression, and think of how you can bring love and joy to others.

There are many types of expressions, gifts, and talents that we can bring to this world.  We are each unique in our combination of talents and gifts and abilities.  We often use a variety of these as we express our primary Life Purpose.

In addition to our primary Life Purpose, we have a way of being in the world that brings our essence into expression.  When we are loving and kind, understanding and forgiving, as well as respectful and polite, we brighten the days of each person whose life we touch.  So besides our primary Life Purpose, we are here to constantly check ourselves and improve how we interface with others.  And of course, that starts with loving our selves.  It’s important to have kind self-talk and to recognize our inherent self-worth.  We are are Children of God and we are loved very much!

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