Michelle Marie provides intuitive readings in a variety of forms.  You may have an angel card reading, a God’s Gifts soul reading, a Tarot card reading, a message straight from Spirit, or a variety reading which contains a number of the elements mentioned.  Michelle has been doing readings for over 25 years.

Readings are very helpful on your soul’s journey of evolution.  You can check your soul’s blueprint, find out more about your life’s path, or learn about what you need to know in the moment.  You will hear what you most need to know at this time.

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ZOOM Reading

$40 for 40 minutes

Click the payment link above, then

Text 541-261-4483

to book your appointment.


Reading Options

Angel Card Reading

30 minutes  —  $50

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God’s Gifts Soul Reading

60 minutes  —  $140

Soul Spark, Your Soul’s Blueprint,

Your Soul Guides,

Strengthening your Connection

to the Divine (energy work),

God’s Gifts, and Next Step Guidance.

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Tarot Card Reading

60 minutes  —  $120

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Spirit Message and Angel Cards

60 minutes  —  $120

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Variety Message

90 minutes — $150

Get a thorough reading

with a variety of methods.

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Extra Time

(Extra 30 minutes $50)

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Live Readings in Sarasota

Integrated Healing Arts Wellness Center

3260 Fruitville Road, STE C., Sarasota, FL 34237

Near Lockwood Ridge and Fruitville Rd.


$150 for a 90 min. session

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Spiritual guidance regarding Life Purpose, challenges and life changes, or a situation you would like clarity on to make the highest choice to move forward.  An Aura Healing to cleanse and fortify your energy field.  An Intuitive Reading to see what comes through direct from Spirit.  A full hour and a half session.

90 minutes  –  $150

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90 Minutes   $140

to pay online CLICK HERE

  Text 541-261-4483

to book your appointment.



To receive a  distance Reading:

1. Send an email to Michelle and schedule a reading.  (Please put **Reading Request** in the subject area.)


Indicate which type of reading you would like.

2. Send a check in advance or use one of the payment links above.

All Readings are done with the highest

vibrational frequency and with protection in place.


“I would like to preface this by saying that I did not know Michelle Angel prior to my reading in 2021. We briefly met in Sarasota but never really spoke about personal things, especially since I am a very private person and it takes me a while to divulge personal information about myself to anyone. I found out she did readings and I was interested in getting some insight as my life was somewhat trying at the time. She offered to do a reading and I went along with no expectations.


In a quiet setting, Michelle made me feel very comfortable as she began to meditate and tune in to my energy. She has a very loving and unique style in which she uses a form to intuitively gather information from the person’s energy. What came through was cathartic for me. She honed in on my purpose, talents, gifts, strengths, and even my guides! Michelle told me about the archangels that work with me as well as the galactic aspects of my higher self. It’s like she saw right through to my soul. She even relayed the similarities I have with one of my (deceased) family members who was very much in touch with metaphysics and higher states of consciousness! How could she possibly know any of this? ALL of it completely resonated with me as it brought me to tears.


Michelle’s unique reading style is very holistic and I was extremely impressed as she nailed every aspect of my life and personality.


She also gave me guidance about future matters which now, nearly two years later, is eerily spot on and has come in quite handy. Aside from the form she uses, Michelle also channels a beautiful message from Source which she writes down for further clarity. Additionally, she pulls a few oracle cards for confirmation. Again, I was overwhelmed with emotion as this reading gave me a complete summary of what I had been going through, the lessons learned, and future possibilities. Michelle provided me with a truly inspiring message of hope that sincerely moved me and brought me an enormous amount of peace.


I cannot thank this beautiful soul enough for the guidance, insight, and love she shared with me that day. I love you Michelle!”

Glory to God!